Empowering efficiency through the art of Artificial Intelligence

Uniting with global technology providers to simplify the digital transformation for the Media & Entertainment industry.

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Rainman is a Canadian technology services company that empowers efficiency through AI based solutions. We strategically partner with global technology providers to optimize numerous services within the Media & Entertainment industry such as Transcription, Subtitling, Dubbing and many more.

Rainman Story

We are a group of nerds that left the MENA region to follow our path for education. With each of us having our own unique mission, we ended up speaking a common language and that is Artificial Intelligence. Advocating the technology, we believe Artificial Intelligence is the gateway to accelerate your business’s growth while reducing the cost of your operation by simply empowering efficiency within your organization

As the Tech industry continues to rapidly grow, there has been an emerging number of incredible tech providers around the world solving the challenges of traditional operations with the goal to make them more efficient. Rainman was born to bridge access to these innovative technologies in order to accelerate your growth and empower efficiency within your operation.

Rainman Mission

Our mission is to create an easy route for businesses to access the world’s best technologies

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Rainman Vision

To inspire innovation & efficiency as we contribute to the global digital transformation.

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Our services


Using the best-in-class technology coupled with human review, we offer branded voices, subtitling, translation and transcription services in over 120+ languages and dialects helping you remove the burden of repetitive & time consuming tasks off your plate.



Rainman can host your desired technology on cloud or on-premise with a simple API integration. We will go beyond implementing the solution and on board & train your team toensure you are ready to utilize the technology to its full potential.



We have strategically partnered with some of the world's leading technology vendors to custom train ready-built models, solving your business challenges at a lower investment without compromising on the quality of delivery.



If you’re looking to upgrade your traditional way of operating and are not sure where to begin?
Our team of experienced technology consultants can help build a tailored road map to your digital transformation.


Our Technologies

We bring forward a wide range of globally developed AI functions that optimize various sub segments of the Media & Entertainment industry.

Branded Voices :
Whether you’re looking to record voices of real life actors, preserve the legacy cartoon voices or even customize a voice for in-game characters, Rainman can help you build custom voices in over 120languages while significantly reducing production time and cost.

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Branded Voices Service

Branded Voices

Dubbing :
Using Speech recognition, transcription and other AI functions, we bring forward multilingual technologies that will streamline the traditional method of dubbing, helping you save time on and reduce operation cost.

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Dubbing Service


If you’re looking to build on demand subtitles/captions for your video content, we can help you adopt the best in class technologies that allow you to subtitle your videos in real time.

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Subtitling/Captioning Service


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